Carpet cleaners in Kansas City MO - We remove all dirts using soft cleaning agents

Keeping your carpets clean is not an easy task. Sometimes, no matter how studious you are to address spills and dust, you find that your carpeting is stained and worn looking. Professional cleaning can bring back the appearance of your carpet to like-new state. For houses and businesses in Grain Valley MO, Cleaning Edge, Inc. provides thorough carpet and upholstery cleaning services.


Keeping Grain Valley MO Carpets at Their Best?Even the most careful homeowners would admit that, with time, their carpets start to display signs of traffic and wear. Our cleaning staff make use of safe cleansers and hot water extraction to attain a deep-down clean, with no harmful chemicals. We offer special focus on high-traffic or stained areas, and treat every single carpet particular to the type of carpet and also the sort of stain. Cleaning Edge, Inc. never ever charges more for traveling, pre-treating stains, high traffic areas or furniture moving, so you will pay for the price we estimate, without exception.


Our clients in Grain Valley MO, are satisfied with the services they acquire. We are usually able to give back carpets to like-new state, giving our clients back the beautiful carpets they once enjoyed. In case damage is discovered, we also offer carpeting repair service to restore the feel and look of the carpeting.


Comprehensive Upholstery Cleaning in Grain Valley, MO?In addition to cleaning carpeting, the cleaning professionals at Cleaning Edge, Inc. provide comprehensive upholstery cleaning services. We will deal with upholstery of all types, including leather, in your home, office or car. Just call us, and allow us to reinstate your upholstered areas, getting rid of unsightly stains and dirt, so they sparkle again. Like with our carpet cleaning services, whenever you call Cleaning Edge, Inc. for upholstery cleaning, you have the benefit of our upfront pricing and exceptional customer service.


You don’t have to settle for dirty carpets and stained upholstery. Cleaning Edge, Inc. delivers superior carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Grain Valley MO. Call us now to have your places cleaned professionally.

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