Furniture Cleaning Leawood KS - Tile Services

Cleaning up of your tile, stone and cement is best done by professionals employing a steam vapor cleaning equipment and expert grade cleaners.

Hiring the professionals at Pacific to perform the task is preferable to employing a janitor or house cleaner to come to your house as we have the experience and equipment to provide you with a true deep cleaning.

Tile Clean-up Procedure

Step 1 Cleaning solution applied

The tile degreasing solution is put on the surface. This particular cleaning solution helps loosen up soiling, chemical substance remains as well as other contaminants from the surface.

Step 2 Steam Vapor

We use our steam vapor cleaners to cover the grout and tile joints to lift the dirt out of the grout and sanitize it.


Step 3 Spot Cleaning

Following the steam process, a spot cleaner is used (if required) to extract any kind of hard spots that may not have actually been removed during the initial cleaning procedure. If perhaps tile and grout hasn't been managed or covered correctly, the stains could be permanent and unable to be eliminated. If it is the case, then re-grouting or color sealing is an option to restore the grout back to its first appearance.

Step 4 Grout sealer

After the cleaning procedure is performed, all the surface contaminants could have been taken out and also the surface is completely ready for the application of a stone or cement sealer.


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