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Carpet Cleaning – How Often Should I Clean?


Carpets are among the commonly stepped on materials inside the house especially in the US. This is why the question of “how often should I clean my carpet” is usually heard in any state in America. Homeowners who are comfortable with getting their carpets regularly cleaned are prone to visiting the cleaner on a regular basis. Basically, these are used to cover the floor for comfort as well as for visual appeal. In the course of time though, they catch all of the stuffs from the shoes of people who steps on it. This is why most people know the importance and need of regular cleaning to maintain a healthy environment inside the house.


If you are among the thousands of people who ask this kind of question, make sure that you set some answers coming off from a list of considerations you need to make. Although carpet cleaning is a requirement to keep cleanliness, you don’t have to do the task if there’s no need for it. In short, you need to know when to clean and when not to clean the carpet. Here are some of the things you might want to consider when it comes to answering the query.


  • Are there Pets inside the House? – Pets are wonderful additions to the family. Aside from the fact that they are cute, they also help in relieving our daily stress. Most of us enjoy taking care of our pets inside the house as we tend to provide their needs when we regularly see them. However, pets can also contribute to soiling and staining our carpets no matter how hard we try to teach them not to. Let’s be realistic. Pets are animals and they do not have the IQ people have. Our pets have oil and hair that can get through the fibers of our carpets. In addition, they do not wear shoes when they go outside. Aside from this question, you should also consider the number of pets inside your house. Basically, the more animals inside the house, the more frequent visit to the cleaner is needed.
  • Foot Traffic inside the House – another factor that easily makes a carpet to require cleaning is the foot traffic inside the house. The more people steps on your carpet, the shorter lifespan you get for it. In addition, this would also mean that you need to take it to the expert cleaner more often than you would regularly do.


You can take your carpet to Cleaning Edge, Inc. which is located in Grain Valley, MO for quality cleaning services. In addition, you can ask the company for some tips on how you can keep the condition of your carpet. You can also ask for a recommendation on how often you should visit them for carpet cleaning services. The experts can tell whether you need to drop by as often as you can or you can do the simple cleaning yourself. Sometimes, simple cleaning routine such as vacuuming is all that is needed to keep your carpet clean and healthy.